Burglar alarm monitoring, Hold-up/panic emergency responses and Video verification

Phillips Security is proud to announce it has partnered with the best monitoring company in the business, EMERgency24.

Since 1967, EMERgency24 has been the central station technological leader. With redundancy across the country using 5 monitoring locations you can rest assured that you are always protected no matter the situation.

With the ability to monitor  over 15,000 different types of panels we can provide monitoring on existing systems. This allows you to not feel "stuck" with your current monitoring and service provider. Allow us to show you the difference of having a company work for you that makes you our top priority.

Monitoring for more than burglar alarms

With the ability to monitor many different parameters Phillips Security can custom tailor a system to monitor such things as Carbon Monoxide Co2 Temperature, Humidity, Vibration, Motion, Pressure, Moister, and many more allowing you to be alerted when needed.